Thursday, October 14, 2010

Letter to God # 3

Hi God!!!!

As you know I just dropped off my hubby at the airport to spend time with his family.  I know you knew he so much needed this, because you provided for us to allow him to go....  I know you will watch over him and keep him safe, and bring him back home to us when it is time...

This morning I was surprised to be feeling ok for a moment...  this stuff seems to sneak up on you and give you moments,  so for this I thank you.  I then was reading facebook and a old friend of mine was writing about being a ms potato head...  and it is so true...  if we would think of ourselves more like a ms potato head ( no clothes to worry about, no stress on looks, only hair, eyes and lips) and as her sister said we can put all our spare parts in our butt...  so no worries about the extra junk in our trunk.   If we looked at life a little more like this.....  I think women and young girls would not so much stress on this stuff and be able to focus on you more....  So I hope that people read between the lines of her funny update...  and see that she really even if she does not know it is sending out a profound message to all....

Next a family member Sharon posted the most awesome update.  I told her I was going to use it, so here it goes:

  Lets Stop
telling God how big our problems are & start telling ur problems how big GOD

This was the best update to see today.....   so God I am letting my nerve condition and all the issues that my body is having that they need to watch out because my GOD is bigger than this!!!  He has a plan for me and there is nothing that can stop that!!  Thanks Sharon for this message today..... 

God I ask you to keep my friends and family close to you today....  let them open there hearts and let you fill them up....  My prayer is that each one of them will find a peace today that will just make them smile out of no where.  Maybe it is a hectic day at work, maybe a loved one is sick or themselves...  thru it all...  please give peace to them for a moment to be able to see you are such a great and wonderful God whom loves us very much...

Please watch over my husband on his trip and keep him safe..

Thanks for being here once again for me  God as usual....  In Jesus name Amen...


  1. Thank you for relating my potatoe-head comment to spiritual things....sometimes when I get silly, I'm taken the wrong way. But I want people to know that I'm fun, for some reason they think bible thumper/Jesus Freaks aren't any fun....but I tell you want they are the funnest most loving people ever...if they take following Jesus as serious as they do a football game! :)
    Sending God thankfulness for the person he created you to be! Blessings my friend!

  2. The junk in the trunk bit made me laugh :)

    Being pregnant, my body is expanding all over - including my trunk! What a blessing to be reminded that the expansion is for my BABY. (Who I can only pray, will never ever ever be considered about his/her looks!)

    Thanks, Tina, many blessings to you and yours!!!